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Meet Beverly

Beverly Agness is a passionate Hair & Makeup Artist and Instructor based in Richmond, Virginia. Growing up, Beverly loved to play hairdresser on her dolls as a child, and friends and family's as a teenager; her knack for beauty was evident.  At the age sixteen, Beverly's desires moved her to enroll in a cosmetology course at her high school's technical center.  Upon graduation Beverly continued to do hair while attending college.  Ultimately her unwavering passion drove her to make beautifying a full-time pursuit.. 

Throughout her creative career, Beverly has maintained a loyal client base for nearly three decades and has participated in a multitude of photoshoots, weddings, and special events.

Currently, Beverly serves as a Beauty Guide for LimeLight by Alcone and a Loft Owner & Mastersty list at Couture Imaging Salon Lofts and Skin Spa. Prior to her present ventures, she was the Co-owner of Le Shoppe Hair and Nail Salon for 13 years.

Both dedicated and driven, Beverly is on a mission to spread her motto to as many people as possible:  "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful."   She strongly believes that it isn’t just our physical appearance that makes up beauty, it’s our unique packaging inside and out. 

In addition to her license in Cosmetology, Beverly holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.  An avid student of life, Beverly continuously strives to enhance her skills through ongoing training and trade shows as well as staying up-to-date with the latest trends. With her Social Work background, Beverly also motivates women in the community by participating in workshops on beauty, wellness, self care and career counseling. Beverly and a team of volunteers speak at correctional facilities, empowerment workshops and other venues where there exists a need to uplift, encourage, build confidence and increase self-esteem of women.

In her leisure, Beverly enjoys all things related to food, health, wellness, and fitness. 

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